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Value & Principle

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Integrity & ethics

             We promise to customers to deliver what is promised, providing after sale service to ensure customers’ satisfaction of the products sold. We hold the obligation to ensure a great customers experience and growing a loyal customer base


             We improve the lives of others and promise to give out opportunity to local people and looking for talented, passionate people to join our community. We put our best effort to initiate team player and train our people to value the benefit of society as a whole. We care about welfare, health and well-being of our people. We believe that our people are the greatest asset.


             We commit to not only surrounding community of our plant but also the community throughout the country to ensure the safety of environment and making less pollution to society. We also encourage participation in local community activities. We dedicate ourselves to support and help underprivileged, enrich cultural and educational endeavors.



             B.P.15 Co., Ltd. Is a company that focuses on made alternative energy from use of scrap wood or natural materials remaining to be renewable fuels producer. The product is wood pellets, wood chips for alternative energy of crude oil and natural gas. For reducing global warming and greenhouse gas, because these fuels have complete combustion engines. The company hope our business will be a part to help reduce energy efficiently, and also has activities with communities of renewable energy such as planting trees in wilderness areas for reforestation environment for the community and the world.


             At present, the business operations of various industries rely on the community. We attention to the community And have more social responsibility for establish social responsibility standards as follows

             1. Management for the goal of environmental preservation and continuously improving the environment, strengthening morality and ethics consciousness for the good quality of life in society.

             2. Supporting working with communities such as planting trees in wilderness areas and develop the remaining materials from agriculture to be renewable fuels producer.


             B.P.15 Co., Ltd. has adopted the concept of corporate sustainability a process for managing model business organizations. we are does not focus on corporate growth and profitability, onduct business together with sustainable development such as corporate social responsibility for environmental conservation Including economic development, distribute income and be responsible for society with better living.


             B.P.15 Co., Ltd. is ready for production to export products. We have machines can produce products according to the needs of customers with quality, standard, efficient service, trusting for impressive products to customers need to back use our products again.