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Corporate Profile

             B.P.15 Co., Ltd. Is one of the biggest renewable fuels producers in Thailand, and the most reliable renewable fuels producers. We are providing renewable products, for instance Wood Pellet, Wood Chips, Biomass Pellets, with various specification or customers’ customized specification, services, and solutions to customers for the use of renewable fuels. We facilitate renewable fuels application in many industries with our professional expertise.

             We were founded in 2014, B.P.15 has its roots in the group of renewable energy businesses. This group of company have been expanding operation in various businesses area, for instance natural gas, waste to energy business, waste management business, biomass business. As we are one of group companies expertizing in renewable energy business, we are holding the principles of RESPONSIBILITY, RELIABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY, and moving forward to become the most trusted renewable fuels producer in Thailand.

             With our vision, the future is here, we commit to customers either regular users or new coming user in renewable fuels to provide the best quality of renewable fuels with reliably supply to support the use of renewable energy as environmental friendly fuels and replacement of fossil fuels.

             Based on our experience on renewable energy business and renewable energy fuels producer, we will put the best effort to provide optimal quality produce and solution to customers. By doing that, the most reliable machineries are delicately selected. One of the main machines chosen to archive the goal is Pelletizing machine, Amandus Kahl, one of the most reliable and well-known machine with long history in pelletization business. As the result, we are capable of using agricultural and industrial wastes to convert them to the fuels which are consistent with the main purpose to provide environmental and socio-economic benefits as well as to provide future energy security.

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             To become a leading renewable fuels producer in the country providing high quality products, renewable energy solutions and facilitate applications of renewable fuels consistent with our vision, The Future is Here, giving the best benefit to the world for sustainable source of energy and environmental friendly for the benefit of the community.


  • Extended and find a potential fuel source for an investment for a sustainable growth.
  • Do business with corporate governance in order to gain confidence and trust that we will do business with an honesty and fair to our clients.
  • Focus on corporate governance principles and responsibility on environment and society.
  • Focus on ISO working potential development and working security.